Der klassische indische Tanz Bharatanatayam


Bharatanatyam ist eine klassische indische Tempeltanzform, die ihrem Ursprung vor 2000 Jahren im südindischen Tamil Nadu hat. Hierbei werden symmetrische abstrakte Formen getanzt und durch Handgesten und Mimik Geschichten aus der indischen Mythologie tänzerisch erzählt.

Der Tänzer Shantanu Salunke

Shantanu was born in Pune, India and is living in Germany since 2004. He is a part-time Bharatanatyam dancer and has trained in the foundations of the Kalakshetra Bani at the Tanzschule Lotus in Stuttgart, Germany from 2008 till 2022. He completed the traditional training necessary to become a solo performer (“Arangetram”) in his hometown Pune in June 2017 with Kalaimamani Prof. N. S. Jayalakshmi of Kalakshetra as the Chief Guest. He is regularly studying the finer nuances of the art form with Dr. Gayatri Krishnaveni Lakshmanan, Kalakshetra alumnus and director of the Krishnadhwani School of Natya in Chennai. Since 2009 Shantanu has also frequently learned from senior Kalakshetra alumnus P. T. Narendran in several Bharatanatyam workshops. In addition he is learning to play the veena from Kalaimamani Jayalakshmi Sekhar. He has performed in and around Stuttgart, Germany where he is currently staying.